public class SCApi

The API currently consists of only one static function

  • getViewController

    Retrieves a selected view controller for a particular Stagecast app resource.

    Note: The view controller, when presented, will eventually dismiss itself when the user taps "back". It is not intended that you should keep a reference to the view controller object and reuse it next time the users enters the SDK page. Instead you should call getViewController again to get a new view controller next time the user enters.

    if let vc = SCApi.getViewController(["event":"99C72069-E1D2-496C-BF9A-93EC4E7E3F69"]) {
        self.present(vc, animated: false)



    public static func getViewController(_: Dictionary<String, String>) -> UIViewController?



    A string->string dictionary with such as event (the only required field - for specifying which event to connect to), headerBgColor (for specifying the color of the status bar - default is black), headerTitle (the title on the status bar - default Moments) and headerTintColor (to specify the font color of on the status bar).

    Return Value

    the UIViewController that, if presented, will show the Stagecast moment list view